DP-102, DP-100 Series – Panasonic Dual Display Digital Pressure Sensor [For Gas]

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The DP-100 Dual Display Digital Pressure Sensor is a highly accurate and reliable Pressure Sensor that is equipped with a new visual display that features a wider viewing angle and improved clarity. The pressure and set range part of the display has also been increased as another improvement. The DP-100 Series also offers a multi-function type that enables the selection of analog output (voltage/current) or external input (auto-reference/remote zero-adjustment) to comply with a wide range of applications.

Panasonic Dual Display Digital Pressure Sensor [For Gas] DP-100 Series Features :

  • High Resolution And Repeatability
  • Analog Output
  • Current And Threshold Value In One View
  • Copy Function; New Global Standard
  • Three Operation Modes, Easy Setting
  • Low And High Pressure Types
  • Dual 3-Color Display (Red, Green, Orange); Industry First
  • Equipped With An ECO Mode
  • Easy Installation
  • M8 Connector Type Available In Some Models

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The Panasonic Dual Display Digital Pressure Sensor [For Gas] DP-100 Series Part Number :
DP-102-E-P, DP-101-J, DP-101-M-P, DP-102A-N, DP-102A-M, DP-101-N-P, DP-101A, DP-102-N-P, DP-101, DP-102A-N-J
DP-102A, DP-102A-J, DP-102A-E-P-J, DP-102A-N-P, DP-102-M-P, DP-102-M, DP-101A-E-P, DP-101-N-P-J, DP-102, DP-111A-E-P-J
DP-101A-N-P, DP-101-E-P, DP-101-N, DP-101-M, DP-101A-E-P-J, DP-101A-N, DP-112-E-P-J, DP-102-N, DP-102A-M-P, DP-112A-E-P-J
DP-102-N-J, DP-102-E-P-J, DP-102-J, DP-101A-M, DP-101A-J, DP-101-N-J, DP-101A-N-P-J, DP-102-N-P-J, DP-101A-M-P, DP-101-E-P-J
DP-101A-N-J, DP-102A-N-P-J, DP-111-E-P-J, DP-102A-