VABB-L1-14 – Cover Plate – Festo Accessories for Pneumatic Valves

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Festo Accessories for Pneumatic Valves: VABB-L1-14
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The Festo VABB-L1-14 is a crucial accessory designed to enhance the performance and functionality of pneumatic valves in industrial applications. Meticulously engineered with precision and durability in mind, this accessory ensures seamless integration and reliable operation, making it an indispensable component in pneumatic systems.

Key Features:

  • Durable Construction: Crafted from high-quality materials, the VABB-L1-14 boasts durability and resilience, ensuring long-term performance and reliability in demanding industrial environments.
  • Optimized Design: Engineered for precision, this accessory features an optimized design tailored to meet the stringent requirements of pneumatic valves, ensuring efficient and precise operation.
  • Versatile Compatibility: The VABB-L1-14 is compatible with a wide range of Festo pneumatic valves, offering versatility in system design and integration, thus allowing for seamless adaptation to diverse application needs.
  • Effortless Installation: With its user-friendly design, installation of the VABB-L1-14 is quick and straightforward, minimizing downtime and ensuring rapid deployment in pneumatic systems.


  • Enhanced Performance: By optimizing the operation of pneumatic valves, the VABB-L1-14 contributes to enhanced system performance, ensuring smooth and reliable operation in industrial applications.
  • Improved Efficiency: The precision engineering of this accessory results in improved efficiency in pneumatic systems, reducing energy consumption and operational costs while maximizing productivity.
  • Reliable Operation: With its durable construction and robust design, the VABB-L1-14 ensures reliable operation, minimizing the risk of downtime and maintenance issues, thus enhancing overall system reliability.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Designed for longevity and durability, this accessory offers long-term cost-effectiveness, providing a dependable solution for pneumatic system optimization with minimal ongoing maintenance requirements.


  • Manufacturing Industries: Essential for use in manufacturing facilities, the VABB-L1-14 optimizes the performance of pneumatic valves in automated production lines, ensuring seamless operation and high-quality output.
  • Automation Systems: Critical for automation systems, this accessory ensures precise and efficient control of pneumatic valves, facilitating smooth and reliable operation in various automated applications.
  • Material Handling: In material handling systems, the VABB-L1-14 enhances efficiency and productivity by optimizing the performance of pneumatic valves, enabling precise control of material flow and handling processes.
  • General Pneumatics: Suitable for a wide range of pneumatic applications across industries, the VABB-L1-14 provides a versatile solution for enhancing the performance and functionality of pneumatic valves in diverse industrial settings.

The Festo VABB-L1-14 exemplifies Festo’s commitment to excellence in pneumatic technology, offering a reliable and efficient solution for optimizing the performance of pneumatic valves in industrial applications.

Technical Data

Feature Specification
Width dimension 16 mm
Operating pressure -0.09 MPa … 1 MPa
Operating pressure -0.9 bar … 10 bar
Certification RCM compliance mark
c UL us – Recognized (OL)
Corrosion resistance class (CRC) 2 – Moderate corrosion stress
LABS (PWIS) conformity VDMA24364-B1/B2-L
Product weight 23.9 g
Note on materials RoHS-compliant
Cover plate material Wrought aluminum alloy
Weight 0.0239 kg