V7531-MPZ, 75mm, 1/1.1” – Computar Lens

USD $ 374.85


Computar V7531-MPZ Monofocal Lens: Superior Optical Precision for Specialized Imaging Needs

Enhance your specialized imaging applications with the Computar V7531-MPZ, a high-quality monofocal lens that promises exceptional performance and precision. This lens is specifically designed for large format cameras, accommodating sensor sizes up to 1.1″ and providing a focal length of 75mm. With an impressive aperture of F2.8, it ensures clear and bright images, even in low light conditions.

The V7531-MPZ stands out with its minimal distortion and superior resolution, making it perfect for applications that demand high levels of accuracy and detail, such as scientific research, advanced industrial inspection, and high-end surveillance. Its robust design features a C-mount, making it versatile and compatible with a variety of camera systems.

This lens supports the capture of high-resolution images, critical for detailed analysis and decision-making in precision fields. Manual iris control allows users to fine-tune the depth of field and exposure, enhancing image quality under varying lighting conditions.

Key Features:

  • Large Format Compatibility: Ideal for sensors up to 1.1″, ensuring broad application use.
  • 75mm Focal Length: Offers detailed imaging at longer distances.
  • F2.8 Aperture: Delivers bright, clear images in diverse lighting environments.
  • Manual Iris: Enables precise adjustments for optimal image capture.
  • Minimal Distortion: Ensures accurate representations in critical applications.

Discover the capabilities of the Computar V7531-MPZ to meet your high-standard imaging requirements, providing reliability and excellence in your professional setups.

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