SPAU-P10R-T-R14M-L-PNLK-PNVBA-M8D – Pressure Sensor – Festo Pressure Sensors and Vacuum Sensors

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SKU: Festo 8001209

Manufacturer Part Number: Festo 8001209
Festo Distributors: SPAU-P10R-T-R14M-L-PNLK-PNVBA-M8D
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The Festo SPAU-P10R-T-R14M-L-PNLK-PNVBA-M8D, with MPN 8001209 Pressure Sensors and Vacuum Sensors, is a precision-engineered pressure sensor designed for rigorous industrial applications where reliable and accurate pressure monitoring is essential. This sensor is built to integrate seamlessly into various pneumatic and automation systems, ensuring consistent performance and enhanced operational efficiency.

Key Features:

  • High Accuracy Measurement: Engineered to provide precise pressure readings, this sensor helps maintain optimal operational conditions within pneumatic systems, ensuring peak performance.
  • Robust Construction: Made from high-quality materials, it is designed to withstand the harsh conditions of industrial environments, offering long-lasting durability.
  • Flexible Installation: Features a compact size and versatile mounting options, including an adaptable plug outlet direction (M8/M12), allowing for easy installation in space-constrained areas without sacrificing functionality.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Equipped with an intuitive display and simple adjustment mechanisms for quick and precise pressure settings, facilitating optimal system calibration.
  • Broad Compatibility: Compatible with a wide range of automation systems, it can be seamlessly integrated into existing setups, providing great flexibility in system design.


  • Enhanced System Efficiency: By maintaining accurate pressure control, it contributes to the efficiency and reliability of pneumatic processes, enhancing overall system performance.
  • Reduced Operational Costs: The sensor helps minimize energy consumption and operational costs by optimizing pressure levels, potentially leading to significant savings.
  • Increased Equipment Lifespan: Proper pressure monitoring prevents wear and tear on system components, extending their lifespan and reducing maintenance needs.
  • Improved Safety: Consistent and reliable pressure monitoring ensures safer operation of pneumatic systems, adhering to stringent safety standards.


  • Manufacturing Facilities: Essential for maintaining precise pressure in automated manufacturing lines, ensuring high-quality production outcomes.
  • Control Systems: Plays a critical role in control systems where stable and accurate pressure monitoring is necessary for proper functionality.
  • Testing and Inspection: Ideal for use in systems that require consistent pressure for accurate testing and inspection procedures.
  • General Pneumatics: Suitable for a broad range of pneumatic applications across various industries, enhancing operational precision and reliability.

The Festo SPAU-P10R-T-R14M-L-PNLK-PNVBA-M8D Pressure Sensors and Vacuum Sensors stands as a hallmark of Festo’s dedication to advancing pneumatic technology, offering a sophisticated solution for precise pressure monitoring and optimizing the performance of industrial processes.

Technical Data

Feature Specification
Symbol 00995410
Certification RCM compliance mark
c UL us – Listed (OL)
CE marking (see declaration of conformity) As per EU EMC directive
As per EU RoHS directive
UKCA marking (see declaration of conformity) To UK instructions for EMC
To UK RoHS instructions
KC characters KC EMC
Note on materials RoHS-compliant
Measured variable Relative pressure
Method of measurement Piezoresistive pressure sensor
Pressure measuring range initial value 0 MPa
Pressure measuring range initial value 0 bar
Pressure measuring range initial value 0 psi
Pressure measuring range end value 1 MPa
Pressure measuring range end value 10 bar
Pressure measuring range end value 145 psi
Max. overload pressure 15 bar
Overload pressure 1.5 MPa
Overload pressure 15 bar
Overload pressure 217.5 psi
Operating medium Compressed air as per ISO 8573-1:2010 [7:4:4] Inert gas
Information on operating and pilot media Operation with oil lubrication possible
Temperature of medium 0 °C … 50 °C
Ambient temperature 0 °C … 50 °C
ADC resolution 12 bit
Accuracy in ± % FS 1.5 %FS
Repetition accuracy in ± %FS 0.3 %FS
Temperature co-efficient in ± %FS/K 0.05 %FS/K
Switching output 2 x PNP or 2 x NPN switchable
Switching function Freely programmable
Switching element function N/C contact/N/O contact switchable
Max. output current 100 mA
Analog output 0 – 10 V
4 – 20 mA
1 – 5 V
Rise time 3 ms
Max. load resistance of current output 500 Ohm
Min. load resistance of voltage output 10 kOhm
Short-circuit protection yes
Protocol IO-Link®
IO-Link®, protocol version Device V 1.1
IO-Link®, profile Smart sensor profile
IO-Link®, function classes Binary data channel (BDC)
Process data variable (PDV)
Teach channel
IO-Link®, communication mode COM2 (38,4 kBd)
IO-Link®, SIO mode support Yes
IO-Link®, port class A
IO-Link®, process data width OUT 0 Byte
IO-Link®, process data width IN 2 Byte
IO-Link®, process data content IN 14 bit PDV (pressure measurement)
2 bit BDC (pressure monitoring)
IO-Link®, minimum cycle time 3 ms
IO-Link®, data memory required 500 byte
DC operating voltage range 20 V … 30 V
Reverse polarity protection for all electrical connections
Electrical connection 1, connection type Plug
Electrical connection 1, connection technology M8x1 A-coded as per EN 61076-2-104
Electrical connection 1, number of pins/wires 4
Electrical connection for input 1, connection pattern 00991171
Type of mounting With thread
Mounting position Any
Pneumatic connection R1/4
Product weight 80 g
Display type Illuminated LCD
Displayable unit(s) MPa
Setting options IO-Link®
Via display and pushbuttons
Protection against tampering IO-Link®
PIN code
Setting range threshold value 0 % … 100 %
Setting range hysteresis 0 % … 90 %
Degree of protection IP65
Corrosion resistance class (CRC) 2 – Moderate corrosion stress
LABS (PWIS) conformity VDMA24364-B1/B2-L
Weight 0.080 kg