SIMATIC HMI – Protective Film 4″ Widescreen – Siemens Protective Films

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SKU: 6AV2124-6DJ00-0AX0

Protective films are available for almost all SIMATIC HMI devices. They protect the display from dirt and scratching during operation and in harsh environments. The SIMATIC protective films are non-reflective. This ensures that the display is always easy to read, even when using protective films.
The protective film can be removed without leaving any adhesive residue on the front. Adhesive-edged protective films are now available for resistive touch systems (membrane touch).
For multi-touch systems (typically with glass fronts), full-width adhesive protective films are available. Full-width adhesive films should not be used on single-touch systems, as the touch system could be damaged when removing the film. All full-width adhesive films can be trimmed to any size, this does not affect the quality of the film. Adhesive-edged films should not be trimmed, as this would lead to the loss of the adhesive edge.

Siemens Protective Films Product Specifications:

Article number

Product type designationProtective film 4″ widescreen
Installation type/mounting
Mounting in portrait format possibleYes
Mounting in landscape format possibleYes
Standards, approvals, certificates
CE markYes
RoHS conformityYes
Ambient conditions
Ambient temperature during operation
● min.-40 °C
● max.80 °C
Ambient temperature during storage/transportation
● min.-40 °C
● max.80 °C
Relative humidity
● Operation, max.90 %
● Condensation permissibleNo
● PlasticYes; Nonreflecting
Width131.4 mm
Height107.4 mm
Thickness0.125 mm
Scope of supply
Delivery quantity in pieces10
printable with laser printerYes
Manufacturer nameSIEMENS AG
Manufacturer’s addressGleiwitzerstraße 555, 90475 Nuremberg, Germany
Target devicesFor KTP400 Basic, KTP400 Basic 2nd, KTP400 Comfort, KTP400F Mobile
Usable in the following products
● Product 16AV2124-2DC01-0AX0
● Product 26AV6647-0AK11-3AX0
● Product 36AV6647-0AA11-3AX0
● Product 46AV2123-2DB03-0AX0
● Product 56AV2125-2DB23-0AX0
Weight0.151 kg
Dimensions22.4 × 29.9 × 1.7 cm

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