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Optart FT04-150 ( 1.1″ 12Mega-Pixel 3.45μm pixel )

USD $ 2,165.10

Designed for Large Format Detectors Telecentric Lens Series with Large FOV Superior Precision Inspection in One Shot

  • Image Size 1.1″ (pixel size 3.45μm) with optimized resolving power even at the peripheral
  • 5 models lineup: 0.17x, 0.2x, 0.23x, 0.34x, 0.4x
  • Standard type: 0.17x, 0.2x, 0.23x
  • Both standard and co-axial types: 0.34x, 0.4x
  • Object-side telecentric lens
  • Highly operative space with WD=150mm
  • Distortion-free
  • DOF control with aperture adjustment
  • C-mount
SKU: FTXX-XX04-X150-3.45P


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