MS4-LR-1/4-D6-AG-MPA-B – Pressure Regulator – Festo Compressed Air Regulator

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SKU: Festo 8099359

Manufacturer Part Number: Festo 8099359
Festo Compressed Air Regulator: MS4-LR-1/4-D6-AG-MPA-B
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The Festo MS4-LR-1/4-D6-AG-MPA-B, with MPN 8099359, is an advanced compressed air regulator that epitomizes precision and reliability in regulating pneumatic systems. Designed for superior performance and adaptability, this product is essential for maintaining optimal air pressure across various industrial environments, ensuring both efficiency and safety in operations.

Key Features:

  • Precision Pressure Control: This regulator is designed to provide precise control over compressed air pressure, ensuring consistent performance under varying operating conditions.
  • Durable Construction: Made from high-grade materials, the MS4-LR-1/4-D6-AG-MPA-B is built to withstand rigorous use in demanding industrial settings, offering exceptional longevity and reliability.
  • Compact and Flexible Design: Its compact configuration allows for easy integration into existing pneumatic systems without requiring extensive modifications, making it ideal for space-limited applications.
  • User-Friendly Operation: Features an intuitive adjustment interface that simplifies setting and maintaining desired pressure levels, enhancing system usability and efficiency.
  • Broad Compatibility: Engineered to work seamlessly with a wide array of pneumatic equipment, this regulator supports a versatile range of industrial applications.


  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency: By ensuring precise pressure management, the regulator promotes more effective and reliable pneumatic system performance, contributing to overall productivity.
  • Reduced Energy Costs: Effective pressure regulation helps minimize energy wastage, translating to lower operational costs and a reduced environmental footprint.
  • Extended Component Life: Proper pressure management reduces stress on pneumatic components, prolonging their lifespan and decreasing the frequency of maintenance and repairs.
  • Elevated Safety Standards: Consistent and dependable pressure adjustments improve the safety of operations, adhering to rigorous industrial safety protocols.


  • Automated Production Lines: Vital for achieving consistent pressure in automated manufacturing setups, ensuring high precision and quality in production outputs.
  • Control Systems: Indispensable in systems requiring stable pressure for accurate and reliable control and automation.
  • Testing and Inspection: Ideal for applications where precise pressure settings are crucial for thorough and accurate testing and inspection processes.
  • Diverse Industrial Uses: Suitable for a variety of pneumatic applications across multiple sectors, enhancing performance and reliability.

The Festo MS4-LR-1/4-D6-AG-MPA-B Compressed Air Regulator exemplifies Festo’s commitment to innovative pneumatic solutions, facilitating enhanced system control and performance in industrial settings.

Technical Data

Feature Specification
Size 4
Series MS
Actuator lock Rotary knob with detent
Mounting position Any
Structural design Pressure regulator with pressure gauge
Directly controlled piston regulator
Controller function Outlet pressure constant
With secondary exhausting
With return flow function
Symbol 00991558
Displayable unit(s) MPa
Pressure gauge with pressure gauge
Operating pressure 0.1 MPa … 1 MPa
Operating pressure 1 bar … 10 bar
Pressure regulation range 0.3 bar … 7 bar
Max. pressure hysteresis 0.05 MPa
Max. pressure hysteresis 0.5 bar
Max. pressure hysteresis 7.25 psi
Standard nominal flow rate 1800 l/min
Operating medium Compressed air as per ISO 8573-1:2010 [7:4:4], Inert gas
Information on operating and pilot media Operation with oil lubrication possible (required for further use)
Corrosion resistance class (CRC) 1 – Low corrosion stress
LABS (PWIS) conformity VDMA24364-B1/B2-L
Cleanroom class Class 7 according to ISO 14644-1
Storage temperature -5 °C … 50 °C
Temperature of medium -5 °C … 50 °C
Ambient temperature -5 °C … 50 °C
Product weight 165 g
Type of mounting Optionally:
Front panel mounting
Line installation
With accessories
Pneumatic connection 1 G1/4
Pneumatic connection 2
Note on materials RoHS-compliant
Lower cover material PA
Seals material NBR
Rotary knob material POM
Material of spring High-alloy steel
Steel, galvanized
Housing material PA-reinforced
Valve tappet material POM
Weight 0.165 kg