TEC-V0565MPW, 65mm, 1/1.1” – Computar Lens

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Computar TEC-V0565MPW Telecentric Lens: Precision Optics for Enhanced Machine Vision

Unlock the full potential of your machine vision applications with the Computar TEC-V0565MPW, a telecentric lens tailored for 1″ sensor cameras. This lens offers a fixed focal length designed specifically to accommodate 5MP sensors, providing a clear and precise image resolution. With a 0.5x magnification and a substantial working distance of 65.2mm, the TEC-V0565MPW ensures detailed and consistent performance across various industrial and scientific setups.

The TEC-V0565MPW is characterized by its remarkable ability to maintain low TV distortion, correcting it to just 0.01 – 0.02%, which significantly enhances image quality up to the furthest corner of the sensor. Its telecentric design reduces the common issues of vignetting and perspective errors, making it an ideal choice for tasks requiring high precision and minimal optical distortion.

Built with a robust C-mount configuration, this lens supports a wide range of machine vision cameras, making it highly versatile. Its fixed iris maintains a consistent depth of field, which is crucial for applications where constant re-adjustment of focus is not feasible. With an effective aperture of f/9, it operates efficiently in diverse lighting conditions, ensuring the lens’s adaptability in different operational environments.

Key Features:

  • 5 Megapixel Resolution: Guarantees superior image clarity, essential for detailed visual inspections.
  • Fixed Iris: Maintains consistent exposure and depth of field in varied lighting situations.
  • Telecentric Optics: Minimizes optical distortions and ensures uniform focus across the entire field of view.
  • C-Mount Compatibility: Offers flexibility in camera compatibility, ideal for integration in multi-system setups.

Explore the capabilities of the Computar TEC-V0565MPW to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of your machine vision systems, whether for industrial automation, component inspection, or scientific research.

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