IZN10-G-400-X226 – Long Nozzle – SMC Nozzle

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The SMC IZN10-G-400-X226 Long Nozzle is a highly efficient ionizer component that excels in neutralizing static electricity in a broad range of industrial environments. It is expertly designed to enhance the safety and effectiveness of electronic manufacturing and handling processes, ensuring high-quality output and reduced static-related issues.

Key Features:

  • Extended Nozzle Length: The long nozzle design allows for targeted static neutralization even in hard-to-reach areas, making it exceptionally versatile across various applications.
  • High-Speed Ion Generation: Equipped with SMC’s advanced technology, this model produces ions at a rapid rate, ensuring quick and effective static elimination.
  • Compact and Lightweight: Its sleek, compact build facilitates easy integration into existing systems without requiring significant modifications or additional space.
  • Adjustable Airflow: Features an adjustable airflow mechanism that allows users to control the volume of air, enhancing the precision of static control based on specific needs.
  • Durable Construction: Built to withstand the rigors of industrial environments, this nozzle promises long-lasting reliability and performance.


  • Enhanced Product Quality: By effectively neutralizing static electricity, it helps in reducing defects in electronic components, leading to higher product quality.
  • Improved Safety: Minimizes the risk of static discharge, which is crucial in preventing accidents and ensuring a safer workplace.
  • Increased Productivity: Fast ion generation means quicker static neutralization, contributing to smoother operations and enhanced productivity.
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs: The durable and efficient design leads to lower maintenance needs and costs, providing great value over time.
  • Versatile Applications: Can be seamlessly used across various sectors including electronics manufacturing, packaging, and assembly processes.


  • Electronics Manufacturing: Essential for assembly lines dealing with sensitive electronic components where static control is crucial.
  • Packaging Industries: Ideal for use in packaging areas where static can lead to material sticking or attracting dust.
  • Automotive Assembly: Plays a key role in automotive manufacturing where static elimination is necessary for the handling of electronic and plastic components.
  • Laboratory Settings: Useful in labs where static-sensitive experiments and production occur, ensuring accurate results and safety.

The SMC IZN10-G-400-X226 Long Nozzle stands out as a crucial tool in advancing industrial static control technologies, providing a robust and reliable solution for managing static electricity in sensitive manufacturing environments.


●Slim: 16 mm (Thickness) x 100 mm (Width) x 46 mm (Height)
●Lightweight: 33% reduction 120 g → 80 g
●Offset voltage: ±10 V
●Nozzle type can be selected according to applications
Energy saving static neutralization nozzle (Short range static neutralization/Design focuses on offset voltage)
High flow rate nozzle (Long range static neutralization)

Field Value Value Details
Bar Length 400 400mm
Made To Order X226 Long Nozzle