FX-410 Series – Panasonic Digital Fiber Sensor

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This dual display digital Fiber Sensor is unique with its manual threshold value setting. Just “Look” and “Turn” simple, easy-to-use Fiber amplifier. The incident light intensity and threshold values can be checked at the same time with operation needed. In addition, no complex mode settings are needed when the values are adjusted.

Panasonic Fiber Sensor / Digital Fiber Sensor FX-410 Series Features :

  • Incident light intensity and threshold value are displayed simultaneously
  • Hold function
  • Key lock function prevents wrong operation
  • Easy-to-understand operating panel layout
  • Adjustment variations according to the individual have been eliminated
  • Threshold values can be changed smoothly
  • Large endless adjuster
  • FX-412 can be turned by finger!
  • Contributing to device miniaturization
  • Ideal for dealing with saturation / Light-emitting amount selection function [Red LED type]
  • Equipped with 3 types timers
  • Digital display upside-down / off function
  • Beam power greatly increased to give strong performance under adverse environments [Red LED type]
  • Three types are available, with red, blue and green light
  • Improved stability over both long and short terms [Red LED type]
  • Excellent workability and ease of maintenance [Connector type]
  • Interference prevention for up to 8 sets fiber heads (for U-LG)

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The Panasonic Fiber Sensor / Digital Fiber Sensor FX-410 Part Number :
FX-412B, FX-411B, FX-411, FX-411GP, FX-412G, FX-411P, FX-412, FX-411BP, FX-411G