Omron E3ZM-C – Series- Photoelectric Sensor- Built-in Amplifier

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Omron produce industrial sensors range such as fiber sensors, photoelectric sensors, displacement sensors/ measurement sensors, proximity sensors, photomicro sensors and rotary encodes.

Resists Oils and Coolants

E3ZM-C Features 2

The E3ZM-C features a simple shape and structure, and yet provides IP67 protection and oil resistance (oil resistant to OMRON in-house standard). This performance exceeds any previous models from OMRON.

The protective structure eliminates the need for screws to hold a cover, so there are no worries about loose screws leading to liquid penetration.

And the model number is laser-marked on the housing so it’s always readable when the time comes to order maintenance parts.

The compact, easy-to-use E3ZM-C with built-in amplifier is ideal for oily environments.

(Industry Top) Perfectly Reliable Detection Performance and Connection Method

Visible Beam.
Long-distance Operation Even in Dusty, Dirty Environments

E3ZM-C Features 4

The E3ZM-CT[]2B uses a bright orange LED to generate a spot that’s visible 1 m away. And the sensing distance of 20 m provides more leeway in detection (response time: 2 ms). It all adds up to a more visible, more dependable worksite.

World’s Smallest, and Yet Robust
(Patent Pending)

E3ZM-C Features 5

The E3ZM-C is the same compact size as the E3Z, making it the smallest square metal photoelectric sensor in the world (according to OMRON investigation).

The SUS316L housing makes it robust, and removes all worries of the coating coming off.

Simple, Yet Dependable M12 Twist-and-Click Pre-wired Connectors

E3ZM-C Features 6

These Connectors match the XS5 Connectors released from August 2006, which reduce wiring work.
They eliminate the troublesome need to control torque when tightening connectors, and remove worries about screws loosening due to vibration.

Unique Miniaturization and Modularization Technologies

E3ZM-C Features 7

Application Precaution

Use the E3ZM-T/-R/-D/-LS in food processing or beverage filling applications where cleaners or disinfectants are present.



Appearance Connection
NPN output PNP output
(Emitter +
Pre-wired (2 m) 15 m
(Infrared light)
E3ZM-CT61 2M
Emitter E3ZM-CT61-L 2M
Receiver E3ZM-CT61-D 2M
E3ZM-CT81 2M
Emitter E3ZM-CT81-L 2M
Receiver E3ZM-CT81-D 2M
Pre-wired (5 m) E3ZM-CT61 5M
Emitter E3ZM-CT61-L 5M
Receiver E3ZM-CT61-D 5M
E3ZM-CT81 5M
Emitter E3ZM-CT81-L 5M
Receiver E3ZM-CT81-D 5M
M12 twist-and-
click pre-wired
connector (0.3 m)
E3ZM-CT61-M1TJ 0.3M
Emitter E3ZM-CT61-L-M1TJ 0.3M
Receiver E3ZM-CT61-D-M1TJ 0.3M
E3ZM-CT81-M1TJ 0.3M
Emitter E3ZM-CT81-L-M1TJ 0.3M
Receiver E3ZM-CT81-D-M1TJ 0.3M
Pre-wired (2 m) 20 m
(Orange light)
Emitter E3ZM-CT62B-L 2M
Receiver E3ZM-CT62B-D 2M
Emitter E3ZM-CT82B-L 2M
Receiver E3ZM-CT82B-D 2M
Pre-wired (5 m) E3ZM-CT62B 5M
Emitter E3ZM-CT62B-L 5M
Receiver E3ZM-CT62B-D 5M
Emitter E3ZM-CT82B-L 5M
Receiver E3ZM-CT82B-D 5M
M12 twist-and-
click pre-wired
connector (0.3 m)
E3ZM-CT62B-M1TJ 0.3M
Emitter E3ZM-CT62B-L-M1TJ 0.3M
Receiver E3ZM-CT62B-D-M1TJ 0.3M
E3ZM-CT82B-M1TJ 0.3M
Emitter E3ZM-CT82B-L-M1TJ 0.3M
Receiver E3ZM-CT82B-D-M1TJ 0.3M

Pre-wired (2 m) 4 m (100 mm) *3
(Using E39-R1S)
(Red light)
E3ZM-CR61 2M E3ZM-CR81 2M
M12 twist-and-
click pre-wired
connector (0.3 m)
E3ZM-CR61-M1TJ 0.3M E3ZM-CR81-M1TJ 0.3M
Pre-wired (2 m) 1 m
(Infrared light)
E3ZM-CD62 2M E3ZM-CD82 2M
M12 twist-and-
click pre-wired
connector (0.3 m)
E3ZM-CD62-M1TJ 0.3M E3ZM-CD82-M1TJ 0.3M
Pre-wired (2 m) 10 to 100 mm
(Red light)
M12 twist-and-
click pre-wired
connector (0.3 m)
E3ZM-CL61H-M1TJ 0.3M E3ZM-CL81H-M1TJ 0.3M
Pre-wired (2 m) 10 to 150 mm
(Red light)
M12 twist-and-
click pre-wired
connector (0.3 m)
E3ZM-CL62H-M1TJ 0.3M E3ZM-CL82H-M1TJ 0.3M
Pre-wired (2 m) 10 to 200 mm
(Red light)
M12 twist-and-
click pre-wired
connector (0.3 m)
E3ZM-CL64H-M1TJ 0.3M E3ZM-CL84H-M1TJ 0.3M


*1. Through-beam Sensors are normally sold in sets that include both the Emitter and Receiver.
*2. The Reflector is sold separately. Select the Reflector model most suited to the application.
*3. Set the distance between the Sensor and the Reflector so that it is at least the value in parentheses.


Sensor I/O Connectors (Sockets on One Cable End)

(Models with Pre-wired Connectors: A Connector is not provided with the Sensor. Be sure to order a Connector separately.)

Size Cable specifications Appearance Cable Model
(For -M1TJ models)
robot cable
2 m 4-wire XS5F-D421-D80-F
5 m XS5F-D421-G80-F
Oil-resistant cable
2 m XS5F-D421-D80-P
5 m XS5F-D421-G80-P


Note 1. When using a Through-beam Sensor, order one Connector for the Receiver and one for the Emitter.
2. Ask your OMRON representative about connectors with other specifications.


Mounting Brackets

(A Mounting Bracket is not provided with the Sensor. Order a Mounting Bracket separately if required.)

Appearance Model Quantity Remarks
1 Mounting Brackets
1 Horizontal Mounting Bracket *
1 Horizontal Protective Cover Bracket *
1 Rear Mounting Bracket
1 Metal Protective Cover Bracket *
1 set (Sensor adjuster)
Easily mounted to the aluminum frame rails of conveyors and easily adjusted.
For vertical angle adjustment
1 set
1 Compact Protective Cover Bracket *


Note: When using a Through-beam Sensor, order one Mounting Bracket for the Receiver and one for the Emitter.
* Cannot be used for Standard Connector models.


(A Reflector is required for each Retro-reflective Sensor: A Reflector is not provided with the Sensor. Be sure to order a Reflector.)

Name E3ZM-CR
sensing distance *
Model Quantity Remarks
Rated value Reference value
Reflector 3 m (100 mm) E39-R1 1 Reflectors are not provided with Retroreflective models.
The MSR function is enabled.
4 m (100 mm) E39-R1S 1
5 m (100 mm) E39-R2 1
2.5 m (100 mm) E39-R9 1
3.5 m (100 mm) E39-R10 1
Small Reflector 1.5 m (50 mm) E39-R3 1


Note: If you use the Reflector at any distance other than the rated distance, make sure that the stability indicator lights
properly when you install the Sensor.
* Set the distance between the Sensor and the Reflector so that it is at least the value in parentheses.



Sensing method Through-beam Retro-reflective
with MSR function
Model NPN output E3ZM-CT61
PNP output E3ZM-CT81
Sensing distance 15 m 20 m 4 m [100 mm] *1
(Using E39-R1S)
3 m [100 mm] *1
(Using E39-R1)
1 m
(White paper 300 ×
300 mm)
Spot diameter
Standard sensing
Opaque: 12-mm dia. min. Opaque: 75-mm dia. min.
Differential travel 20% of sensing
distance max.
(black/white error)
Directional angle Emitter, Receiver: 3° to 15°
(Distance between emitter and receiver.
Rated sensing distance)
Sensor: 3° to 10°
Reflector: 30°
(Distance to Reflector.
Rated sensing distance)
Light source
Infrared LED
(870 nm)
Orange LED
(615 nm)
Red LED (660 nm) Infrared LED (860 nm)
Power supply voltage 10 to 30 VDC, including 10% ripple (p-p)
Current consumption 40 mA (Emitter 20 mA max., Receiver 20
mA max.)
25 mA max.
Control output Load power supply voltage: 30 VDC max., Load current: 100 mA max. (Residual voltage: 2 V
Open-collector output (NPN/PNP output depending on model)
Light ON/Dark ON switch selectable
Protection circuits Reversed power supply polarity protection,
Output short-circuit protection, Reversed
output polarity protection
Reversed power supply polarity protection,
Output short-circuit protection, Reversed
output polarity protection, Mutual interference
Response time Operate or reset:
1 ms max.
Operate or reset:
2 ms max.
Operate or reset: 1 ms max.
Sensitivity adjustment One-turn adjuster
Ambient illumination
(Receiver side)
Incandescent lamp: 3,000 lx max., Sunlight: 10,000 lx max.
Ambient temperature
Operating: – 25 to 55°C, Storage: – 40 to 70°C (with no icing or condensation)
Ambient humidity
Operating: 35% to 85%, Storage: 35% to 95% (with no condensation)
Insulation resistance 20 MΩ min. at 500 VDC
Dielectric strength 1,000 VAC, 50/60 Hz for 1 min
Vibration resistance Destruction: 10 to 55 Hz, 1.5-mm double amplitude for 2 hours each in X, Y, and Z directions
Shock resistance Destruction: 500 m/s2 3 times each in X, Y, and Z directions
Degree of protection
IEC IP67 (oil resistance to OMRON in-house standard), DIN 40050-9: IP69K
Connection method Pre-wired (standard length: 2 m), -M1TJ: Pre-wired connector (standard length: 300 mm)
Indicators Operation indicator (yellow), Stability indicator (green) (Emitter has only power supply indicator
Approx. 150 g Approx. 90 g
Housing material SUS316L
Cable material Oil-resistant vinyl chloride
Lens material PMMA (polymethylmethacrylate)
Indicator material PEI (Polyetherimide)
Sensitivity adjustment
and mode selector
PEEK (polyetheretherketone)
Seal material Fluoro rubber
Accessories Instruction sheet (Note: Reflectors and Mounting Brackets are sold separately.)


E3ZM-V Specifications 2


*1. A deviation of ±2 mm (typical value) can be handled for combinations of white, yellow, and black. Refer to page 7 for the detection capabilities for other colors.
*2. Mark Sensor output switching:
When teaching, specify the ON color first and the OFF color second.
*3. Do not bend the cable in temperatures of −25°C or lower.
*4. IP69K Degree of Protection Specification
IP69K is a protection standard against high temperature and high-pressure water defined in the German standard DIN 40050, Part 9. The test piece is sprayed with water at 80°C at a water pressure of 80 to 100 BAR using a specified nozzle shape at a rate of 14 to 16 liters/min. The distance between the test piece and nozzle is 10 to 15 cm, and water is sprayed horizontally for 30 seconds each at 0°, 30°, 60°, and 90° while rotating the test piece on a horizontal plane.


Standard Sensing Object for the Mark Sensor

Color Munsell color notation
White N9.5
Red 4R 4.5/12.0
Yellow-red 4YR 6.0/11.5
Yellow 5Y 8.5/11.0
Yellow-green 3GY 6.5/10.0
Green 3G 6.5/9.0
Blue-green 5BG 4.5/10.0
Blue 3PB 5.0/10.0
(Black) (N2.0)