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X – General-purpose Basic Switch – Omron Basic Switch

USD $ 14.91USD $ 19.95


Line Up

Terminal Solder terminal

Screw terminal

Actuator Model Model
Pin plunger
X-10G X-10G-B
Slim spring plunger
X-10GS X-10GS-B
Short spring plunger
X-10GD X-10GD-B
Panel mount plunger
X-10GQ X-10GQ-B
Panel mount roller plunger
X-10GQ22 X-10GQ22-B
Panel mount cross roller plunger
X-10GQ21 X-10GQ21-B
Leaf spring
X-10GL X-10GL-B
Short hinge lever
X-10GW21 X-10GW21-B
Hinge lever
X-10GW X-10GW-B
Low-force hinge lever
X-10GW4 X-10GW4-B
Short hinge roller lever
X-10GW22 X-10GW22-B
Hinge roller lever B
X-10GW2 X-10GW2-B
Reverse hinge lever
X-10GM X-10GM-B
Reverse short hinge roller lever *
X-10GM22 X-10GM22-B
Reverse hinge roller lever *
X-10GM2 X-10GM2-B


* The plungers of reverse-type models are continuously pressed by the compression coil springs and the plungers are freed by operating the levers.


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