UI-5142SE Rev.4 IDS Camera

GigE, CMOS, 88.0 fps, 1280 x 1024, 1.31 MPix, 1/2″, ON Semiconductor, Global Shutter

Product:UI-5142SE-M Rev.4 (monochrome)

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IDS industrial camera or machine vision cameras was the most easy integration cameras in the market. Therefore is so easy for IDS cameras become most compatible with market most popular machine vision software such as OpenCV, Labview, Cognex and Halcon vision software. IDS also provide wide range of industrial C-mount cameras such GigE, 5 GigE, 10 GigE, USB 2.0, USB 3.0, and USB 3.1 interfacing models.

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Camera Features

The UI-5142SE GigE industrial camera with integrated PYTHON 1300 fast 1.31 megapixel global shutter sensor from ON Semiconductor is the ideal choice for capturing moving objects in industrial applications. The sensor’s large, light-sensitive pixels in conjunction with the FPN correction feature implemented by IDS produces excellent, stripe-free images. Additional functions such as the 8x multi-AOI, the IDS line scan mode or the HDR mode with knee points make this GigE model a highly versatile “machine vision” camera. The capability to read out images horizontally or vertically can also be utilized to increase the camera’s frame rate still further.

The UI-5142SE board level camera without lens holder is available in a colour or monochrome version.

IDS Software Suite is an identical software package for all IDS cameras. It supports all sensor features. For Windows and Linux (32 and 64 bit)

Camera Data

Item numberAB02128
NameUI-5142SE Rev. 4
Sensor typeCMOS
ManufacturerON Semiconductor
Frame rate88.0 fps
Resolution (h x v)1280 x 1024
Optical Area6.144 mm x 4.915 mm
ShutterGlobal Shutter
Optical class1/2″
Resolution1.31 MPix
Pixel size4.80 µm
IP codeNo
Data sheetUI-5142SE-M Rev.4

Camera Functions

  • 1/2″ sensor with 1280 x 1024 pixels, aspect ratio 5:4
  • Global shutter for moving objects
  • Extremely large, light-sensitive pixels, pixel size 4.8 μm
  • Monochrome or colour variant
  • Subsampling
  • Multi AOI (2×4 and 4×2)
  • IDS line scan mode
  • HDR mode with knee points
  • Maximum exposure time of 5 seconds
  • IDS FPN correction for improved image quality
Weight0.1 kg


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