U-1 – Festo Pneumatic Mufflers

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Manufacturer Part Number: Festo 2312
Festo Pneumatic Mufflers : U-1
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The Festo U-1 Pneumatic Muffler, MPN2312, is an industry-leading solution designed to significantly reduce noise and manage exhaust flow in pneumatic systems. Engineered for efficiency and reliability, this muffler is perfect for a range of industrial applications, ensuring quiet operation and maintaining optimal airflow for superior system performance.

Key Features:

  • Exceptional Noise Reduction: Designed to decrease sound levels efficiently, the U-1 Muffler helps create a more pleasant and productive working environment.
  • Optimized Exhaust Flow Control: This feature manages the exhaust speed and volume, helping to preserve system pressure and enhance the performance of connected pneumatic devices.
  • Robust Construction: Constructed from premium materials, the muffler is durable enough to withstand harsh industrial conditions and provide long-term service.
  • Compact Design: The space-saving design facilitates easy integration into various setups, making it ideal for applications where space is at a premium.
  • Versatile Compatibility: The U-1 is universally compatible with a variety of pneumatic systems, offering flexible integration without the need for extensive modifications.


  • Enhanced Work Safety: By mitigating noise pollution, the muffler adheres to industrial safety standards, contributing to a safer workplace.
  • Improved System Efficiency: Controlled airflow minimizes energy wastage and maximizes system efficacy, which can lead to cost savings on operational expenses.
  • Low Maintenance Requirement: Thanks to its sturdy build, the muffler requires less upkeep, reducing both maintenance costs and downtime.


  • Industrial Automation: Ideal for automated production lines, where noise reduction is essential for both safety and efficiency.
  • Material Handling and Processing: Plays a critical role in industries requiring precise control over air exhaust to maintain process accuracy.
  • Assembly Lines: Essential for maintaining a quiet and efficient working environment on assembly lines.
  • General Pneumatic Applications: Suitable for a wide range of industries seeking to enhance the functionality of their pneumatic systems.

The Festo U-1 Pneumatic Muffler is a testament to Festo’s commitment to technological advancement and quality, providing not just a piece of equipment but a comprehensive solution that enhances the operational capabilities of pneumatic systems in various industrial environments.

Technical Data

Feature Specification
Mounting position Any
Symbol 00991473
Operating pressure 0 MPa … 1 MPa
Operating pressure 0 bar … 10 bar
Flow rate with respect to atmosphere 20800 l/min
Operating medium Compressed air as per ISO 8573-1:2010 [7:-:-]
Information on operating and pilot media Operation with oil lubrication possible
LABS (PWIS) conformity VDMA24364-B1/B2-L
Noise level 90 dB(A)
Ambient temperature -10 °C … 70 °C
Product weight 139.8 g
Pneumatic connection G1
Cushioning insert material PE
Note on materials RoHS-compliant
Weight 0.1398 kg