TEC-M55, 55mm, 2/3” – Computar Lens

USD $ 416.22


Computar TEC-M55 Telecentric Lens: Enhanced Precision for Advanced Measurement and Inspection Systems

Optimize your measurement and inspection processes with the Computar TEC-M55, a high-performance telecentric lens that provides unparalleled accuracy and clarity. Specifically designed for 5-megapixel cameras, this lens features a 2/3″ optical format with a fixed focal length that delivers consistent, high-resolution images across the entire field of view.

The TEC-M55 stands out for its low distortion and nearly zero telecentricity error, making it the ideal choice for applications requiring precise dimensional measurements and gauging. Its unique design minimizes perspective errors, ensuring that objects appear the same size, regardless of their position within the field of view.

Equipped with a C-mount, the TEC-M55 offers compatibility with a variety of cameras, enhancing its flexibility for use in different industrial imaging systems. Whether you are involved in semiconductor component inspection, electronic assembly, or precision engineering, the TEC-M55 delivers reliable, repeatable results.

Key Features:

  • 5 Megapixel Compatibility: Ensures high-resolution images, ideal for detailed inspection tasks.
  • Low Distortion: Provides accurate imaging with minimal geometric distortion, crucial for measurement applications.
  • Telecentric Optical Design: Reduces perspective errors, essential for gauging and precise measurements.
  • Robust C-Mount: Offers versatility in camera compatibility, suitable for various industrial setups.

Discover the benefits of the Computar TEC-M55 for your advanced measurement and inspection systems, and experience enhanced accuracy and operational efficiency in your visual inspection tasks.

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