TEC-M2065MPC, 65mm, 2/3” – Computar Lens

USD $ 571.41


Computar TEC-M2065MPC Telecentric Lens: Superior Precision for Advanced Machine Vision Applications

Unlock advanced imaging capabilities in industrial settings with the Computar TEC-M2065MPC, a high-performance telecentric lens meticulously crafted for precision and consistency. Designed to support 5-megapixel cameras, this lens is tailored for a 2/3″ sensor format, ensuring detailed and accurate imaging across a variety of demanding applications.

The TEC-M2065MPC stands out with its telecentric optical design, which virtually eliminates perspective error, providing consistent magnification across the entire field of view. This feature is particularly beneficial for applications requiring precise dimensional measurements such as electronic component inspection, gauging, and robotic guidance systems. With a working distance of 206 mm and a magnification of 0.65x, it offers flexibility and precision in one package.

This lens also features a compact and robust design, making it suitable for integration into systems where space is limited and durability is required. Additionally, the TEC-M2065MPC includes a C-mount fitting, enhancing its compatibility with a wide range of cameras and imaging systems.

Key Features:

  • 5 Megapixel Compatibility: Delivers high-resolution images suitable for detailed machine vision analysis.
  • Telecentric Optics: Ensures accurate measurements and minimal perspective distortion, essential for precision tasks.
  • 206 mm Working Distance: Provides ample space for various applications, facilitating ease of use in different setups.
  • Compact and Durable: Engineered for reliability and easy integration into industrial environments.

Explore the capabilities of the Computar TEC-M2065MPC to enhance your precision in machine vision tasks, improving operational accuracy and efficiency in your technological endeavors.

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