TEC-M05110MPC, 110mm, 2/3” – Computar Lens

USD $ 830.13


Computar TEC-M05110MPC Telecentric Lens: Advanced Precision for Detailed Machine Vision

Experience superior machine vision accuracy with the Computar TEC-M05110MPC, a telecentric lens crafted for the demands of detailed inspections and measurements. Designed to work with 5-megapixel cameras, this lens is specially optimized for a 2/3″ sensor size, offering a 0.055x magnification and a working distance of 110 mm, ideal for capturing sharp, distortion-free images.

The TEC-M05110MPC stands out with its telecentric design, which ensures consistent magnification across depth variations, making it perfect for applications requiring high precision, such as semiconductor inspection, gauging, and robotic vision systems. Its robust construction and C-mount compatibility make it versatile for a variety of industrial setups.

Featuring a manual iris, this lens allows for fine-tuning of depth of field and exposure to suit different lighting conditions, enhancing image consistency and clarity. With its telecentric performance, the lens avoids perspective errors and provides uniform illumination, crucial for accurate measurements and analysis.

Key Features:

  • 5 Megapixel Resolution: Delivers high-definition images suitable for detailed analysis and inspection.
  • Telecentric Design: Offers consistent magnification and eliminates perspective errors, ideal for precise measurements.
  • Manual Iris: Allows adjustments to achieve optimal image brightness and contrast in varied lighting scenarios.
  • C-Mount: Ensures easy integration with a wide range of industrial cameras.

Discover the capabilities of the Computar TEC-M05110MPC for your high-precision machine vision needs and boost your accuracy and efficiency in detailed imaging tasks.

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