SINAMICS V90 – SIMOTICS S-1FL6042 Servomotors – Siemens

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SIMOTICS S-1FL6 servomotors are permanent-magnet synchronous motors and designed for operation without external cooling. The heat is dissipated through the motor surface.

The motors have a 300 % overload capability and can be combined with the SINAMICS V90 servo drives to create a powerful servo system with high functionality. Incremental or absolute encoders can be selected depending on the application.

Siemens Servomotors SINAMICS V90 Product Specifications:

SIMOTICS S-1FL6 Low Inertia
1FL6022-2AF…1FL6024-2AF… 1FL6032-2AF…1FL6034-2AF… 1FL6042-2AF…1FL6044-2AF…1FL6052-2AF…1FL6054-2AF…
Shaft height2020303040405050
Rated power [1])kW0.
Rated torque 1)Nm0.160.320.641.272.393.184.786.37
Rated speedrpm30003000300030003000300030003000
Maximum torque 1)Nm0.480.961.913.827.29.5414.319.1
Maximum speedrpm50005000500050005000500050005000
Rated currentA1.
Maximum currentA3.
Torque constantNm/A0.140.290.480.490.510.510.460.55
Moment of inertia0.0310.0520.2140.3510.8971.152.042.62
• without brake10-4kgm20.0380.0590.2450.3811.061.312.242.82
• with brake10-4kgm2
Recommended load to motor inertia ratio, max.30×30×30×30×20×20×15×15×
Encoder types•  Incremental encoder TTL, 2500 S/R
•  Absolute encoder 21-bit single-turn
•  Absolute encoder 20-bit single-turn + 12-bit multi-turn
Weight 2)
• without brakeKg0.470.631.021.462.83.395.456.66
• with brakekg0.70.861.481.923.684.26.968.2
Holding brake 3)
Holding torqueNm0.320.321.
Rated voltageV DC24 ±10 %24 ±10 %24 ±10 %24 ±10 %24 ±10 %24 ±10 %24 ±10 %24 ±10 %
Opening timems353575751051059090
Closing timems1010101015153535
Rated currentA0.


SIMOTICS S-1FL6 High Inertia
Shaft height45456565656565
Rated power 1)kW0.40.750.7511.51.752
Rated torque 1)Nm1.272.393.584.787.168.369.55
Rated speedrpm3000300020002000200020002000
Maximum torque 1)Nm3.87.210.714.321.525.128.7
Maximum speedrpm4000400030003000300030003000
Rated currentA1.22.12.534.65.35.9
Maximum currentA3.66.37.5913.815.917.7
Torque constantNm/A1.
Moment of inertia
• without brake10-4kgm22.75.2811.715.322.629.9
• with brake10-4kgm23.
Recommended load to motor inertia ratio, max.10×10×
Encoder types•  Incremental encoder TTL, 2500 S/R
•  Absolute encoder 20-bit single-turn + 12-bit multi-turn
Weight 2)
• without brakekg3.45.25.778.411.113.7
• with brakekg4.86.68.810.111.514.216.8
Holding brake 3)
Holding torqueNm3.53.51212121212
Rated voltageV DC24 ±10 %24 ±10 %24 ±10 %24 ±10 %24 ±10 %24 ±10 %24 ±10 %
Opening timems6060180180180180180
Closing timems45456060606060
Rated currentA0.


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