SC-HG1 Series – Communication Unit for Digital Displacement Sensors – Panasonic Measurement Sensor

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Direct Connection to High-Speed EtherCAT [SC-HG1-ETC]

Acquires various numeric data from thru-beam type digital displacement sensor HG-T series and contact-type digital displacement sensor HG-S series and allows change of their settings.

  • Connects HG-T / HG-S series digital displacement sensors directly to EtherCAT!
  • Enables change of various settings all at once.
    Allows switching of controller’s internal banks.
  • Obtains high-accuracy measurement data without a program.


Model No.SC-HG1-485
Regulatory complianceEMC Directive, RoHS Directive
Compatible controllersHG-SC□, HG-TC□
Supply voltage (Note 2)24 V DC ±10 %, Ripple P-P 10 % or less (Within specified power supply voltage range)
Current consumption40 mA or less
Communication methodTwo-wire half duplex communication
Synchronization methodStart-stop synchronization
Communication protocolMODBUS (RTU / ASCII) / MEWTOCOL-COM
Communication speed1.2 kbps / 2.4 kbps / 4.8 kbps / 9.6 kbps / 19.2 kbps / 38.4 kbps / 57.6 kbps / 115.2 kbps
Electrical characteristicsComplies with EIA RS-485
Number of
Host (RS-485)1 to 99 units when MODBUS (RTU/ASCII) is used, 1 to 64 units when MEWTOCOL-COM is used
ControllersMaximum of 15 controllers (one master, 14 slaves) per SC-HG1-485 unit
Stop bit length1 bit / 2 bits
Parity checkEven / Odd / None
Data bit length8 bits (RTU) / 7 bits (ASCII)
Pollution degree2
Operating altitude2,000 m 6561.68 ft or less (Note 3)
ProtectionIP40 (IEC)
Ambient temperature-10 to +45 ℃ 14 to +113 ℉ (No dew condensation or icing allowed), Storage: -20 to +60 ℃ -4 to +140 ℉
Ambient humidity35 to 85 % RH, Storage: 35 to 85 % RH
Voltage withstandability1,000 V AC for one min. between all supply terminals connected together and enclosure
Insulation resistance20 MΩ, or more, with 250 V DC megger between all supply terminals connected together and enclosure
Vibration resistance10 to 150 Hz frequency, 0.75 mm 0.030 in double amplitude (10 to 58Hz), maximum acceleration 49 m/s2 (58 to 150 Hz) in X, Y and Z directions for two hours each
Shock resistance98 m/s2 acceleration (10 G approx.) in X, Y and Z directions five times each
MaterialEnclosure: Polycarbonate
Total extension distanceCommunication cable: 1,200 m 3,937.008 ft or less between SC-HG1-485 (terminal) and PLC
WeightNet weight: 75 g approx., Gross weight: 120 g approx.
AccessoriesTermination resistor switching jumper pin: 1 pc.



1)Where measurement conditions have not been specified precisely, the conditions used were ambient temperature +20℃ +68 ℉.
2Power is supplied from a connected controller / master controller.
3Do not use or store in an environment that has been pressurized to an air pressure higher than the atmospheric pressure at 0 m.


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