Optart MPHC-04M-150(TFL-Ⅱ)

USD $ 3,221.40

Object Side Telecentric Lens for Large Area Ultra Precision Inspection

  • Optimized full-frame resolution performance with large image circle 32.6mm sensor(pixel size 4.5um)
  • Product lineup includes optical magnifications 0.3x, 0.4x, 0.5x
  • Large image circle 40mm with optical magnications 0.4x, 0.5x
  • Industry standard W.D.=147mm
  • Straight type
  • Distortion free design
  • Various DOF values could be attained with aperture adjustment
  • Camera mount selection between F-mount and TLF-Ⅱ-mount(M48P0.75)