CJ Series – CJ1W-PNT21 – Omron PROFINET IO Controller Unit

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Omron PROFINET IO Controller Unit is a CPU Bus Unit, which can be installed on a CJ1 PLC System. The CJ1W-PNT21 controls the data exchange between PROFINET IO Devices and a CJ1 PLC system over a PROFINET IO network. For an overview of the PROFINET IO technology refer to Appendix A PROFINET IO Technology.

Specification Omron PROFINET IO Controller Unit

Item Specification
Installation Model CJ1W-PNT21
Applicable PLC series CJ-series
Unit classification CJ-series CPU Bus Unit
Mounting position CPU Rack or Expansion Rack
Number of Units that can be 16 (restrictions may apply for certain PLC types)
Applicable unit numbers 0 to F (hex)
Current consumption 420mA at 5V DC from the PLC power supply.
Dimensions (WxHxD) 31 x 90 x 65 mm
Weight 100 gram (typical)
Environment Ambient operating temperature 0 °C to +55 °C (no icing or condensation)
Ambient operating humidity 20% to 90% Relative Humidity with no condensation
Storage temperature −20 °C to +75 °C (no icing or condensation)
Vibration resistance Conforms to IEC60068-2-6, test Fc 10 to 58.4Hz, 0.25mm-
amplitude, 54.8 to 300Hz, acceleration: 29.4m/s2 in X, Y
and Z directions for 120 minutes each. (Total time: 12 linear/
sweeps * 10 minutes / sweep = 120 minutes)
Shock resistance Conforms to IEC60068-2-27, test Ea.196m/s2 three times
each in X, Y, and Z directions.
Dielectric strength 600 VAC (between isolated circuits)
Conformance to EMC and EN6100-6-1: 2001
Electrical safety standards EN61000-6-4: 2001/CISPR11
EN 61131-2: 1994+a12:2000
Front case Settings Unit Number rotary switch, range:0~F (hex)
Two rotary switches (reserved)
Indicators LEDs indicating Unit status and PROFINET status;
Two-digit, 7-segment display
Module Status, MS (Green/Red LED)
Network Status, NS (Green/Red LED)
Data Exchange Status, 100M (Yellow LED)
Network Activity, COMM (Yellow LED)
PROFINET IO Connector 1 x RJ45 8-pin Modular Connector
Memory Area Allocation CIO Area words allocated for the
CPU Bus Unit
Fixed allocation of 25 words per Unit.
Start address: CIO 1500 + (25 * Unit number)
DM Area words allocated for the
CPU Bus Unit
Not used
I/O data allocations Maximum total size: 7168 words.
I/O Data can be allocated to up to 2 input and 2 output
Input and output areas can be mapped to CIO, DM, WR,
and HR areas, as well to EM banks. Mapping must be
defined through the configuration software.
FINS Messaging Reading IO Device Alarm The MEMORY AREA READ FINS command can be used to
obtain the last received IO Device Alarm message.
Reading and controlling the error
Catalogues the history of error events. The Unit supports
the following Error Log related FINS commands:
FINS Services FINS/UDP Supported
Maximum packet size is 1500 bytes
Other functions Error history size and storage The PROFINET IO Controller Unit supports storage of up to
80 error events, including time stamps, in volatile memory.
16 error events can be logged in non-volatile memory.
Memory Card backup function Allows PROFINET IO Controller Unit’s Configuration to be
backed up as a file to a Memory Card in the CPU Unit.
The backed up configuration data can later be restored from
the Memory Card into the PROFINET IO Controller Unit.
PROFINET interface Protocol PROFINET IO
PROFINET unit type PROFINET IO Controller
Isochronous mode No
Alarms Yes, Alarm events from PROFINET IO Devices are stored at and can be forwarded from the CJ1W-PNT21
Transfer specifications Bitrate 100 Mbps (100Base-TX)
Automatic detection of transmission speed No, fixed.
PROFINET IO cable Type LAN cable according to PROFINET
Max transmission distance 100 m (distance between nodes)
PROFINET redundancy Protocol PROFINET IO Controller Redundancy.
Configuration DTM Included in CX-ConfiguratorFDT
FINS service FINS/UDP Supported


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