M1614-MP2, 16mm, 2/3” – Computar Lens

USD $ 96.60


Computar M1614-MP2 Monofocal Lens: Precision Engineering for Advanced Machine Vision

Boost the capabilities of your machine vision systems with the Computar M1614-MP2 Monofocal Lens, a high-performance optical solution designed for precision in factory automation, robotics, and image processing applications. Featuring a 16mm focal length and a bright aperture of F1.4, this lens is tailored for 2/3″ megapixel cameras, ensuring crisp and detailed image quality even in challenging lighting conditions.

The M1614-MP2 stands out with its robust design, including a manual iris and focus with locking set screws, which provide stability and precision in dynamic environments. The lens’s low distortion and high contrast capabilities ensure sharp and accurate image reproduction, critical for intricate visual tasks.

Compatible with a variety of C-mount cameras, the M1614-MP2 is versatile and can be adapted for use with CS-mount cameras using a 5mm adapter. Its compact and durable construction makes it an ideal choice for space-constrained setups and demanding industrial applications.

Key Features:

  • 1.5 Megapixel Resolution: Captures high-resolution images, suitable for detailed machine vision analysis.
  • Manual Iris Control: Allows adjustments to adapt to varying lighting conditions, maintaining optimal exposure and depth of field.
  • Low Geometric Distortion: Ensures precise image capture, crucial for measurement and inspection tasks.
  • Compact and Rugged: Designed to perform in industrial environments with limited space.

Explore the Computar M1614-MP2 for your high-precision imaging needs and enhance your system’s performance and reliability.

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