IZN10E-02P06 – SMC Nozzle Type Ionizer

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The SMC IZN10E-02P06 Nozzle Type Ionizer is a cutting-edge static control device specifically designed to neutralize static electricity in a broad range of industrial applications. It combines high performance with innovative technology to offer effective solutions for static-related issues in manufacturing environments.

Key Features:

  • Efficient Static Neutralization: The IZN10E-02P06 effectively eliminates static electricity, preventing dust attraction and adhesion that can cause product defects during manufacturing processes.
  • High-Speed Discharge: Features a rapid discharge time, ensuring quick neutralization of static electricity to maintain continuous production without delays.
  • Nozzle Type Design: Its compact nozzle design allows for precise application, making it ideal for targeted static control in confined or hard-to-reach areas.
  • Easy Installation and Operation: Designed for easy integration into existing production lines with minimal setup required. It operates with a simple connection to compressed air and power supply.
  • Adjustable Airflow: Comes with the ability to adjust the airflow, which helps in customizing the ion delivery based on specific application needs.


  • Improved Product Quality: By reducing static electricity, the ionizer helps in maintaining the quality of products, reducing waste and improving overall yield.
  • Enhanced Worker Safety: Minimizes the risk of static discharges that can be hazardous to workers in environments with flammable materials.
  • Reduced Cleaning Needs: Keeps equipment and products cleaner by reducing the amount of dust and particles that cling due to static, thereby decreasing maintenance time and costs.
  • Energy Efficient: Operates efficiently with low energy consumption, contributing to lower operational costs.


  • Electronics Manufacturing: Crucial for preventing static damage during the assembly of sensitive electronic components.
  • Pharmaceutical Production: Ensures contamination-free environments by controlling static, essential in the production and packaging of pharmaceuticals.
  • Packaging Industries: Ideal for use in packaging processes where static can lead to material misalignment or sticking.
  • Printing and Coating Applications: Helps in achieving high-quality printing and coating results by eliminating static that can attract dust or cause material handling issues.

The SMC IZN10E-02P06 Nozzle Type Ionizer is an exemplary solution from SMC, reflecting their commitment to enhancing efficiency and quality in industrial processes through advanced static control technology.


●Slim: 16 mm (Thickness) x 100 mm (Width) x 46 mm (Height)
●Lightweight: 33% reduction 120 g → 80 g
●Offset voltage: ±10 V
●Nozzle type can be selected according to applications
Energy saving static neutralization nozzle (Short range static neutralization/Design focuses on offset voltage)
High flow rate nozzle (Long range static neutralization)

Field Value Value Details
Nozzle Type 02 High Flow Rate Nozzle
Input/Output Specifications P PNP Input/Output
Port Size 06 Φ6: Metric Size,Elbow
Power Supply Cable With Power Supply Cable 3m
Bracket Without Bracket
Made To Order Standard