IZN10-G-600-X226 – Long Nozzle – SMC Nozzle

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The SMC IZN10-G-600-X226 Long Nozzle Ionizer is an advanced solution designed to effectively eliminate static electricity in a wide range of industrial environments. This model is particularly adept at addressing static issues in applications where long-range ion delivery is crucial, ensuring improved productivity and safety in sensitive electronic operations.

Key Features:

  • Extended Reach Ionization: Equipped with a 600mm nozzle, this ionizer delivers a concentrated flow of ions to neutralize static electricity even at extended distances, making it ideal for large-scale or hard-to-reach operations.
  • Precise Static Elimination: Features a high-performance design that precisely targets and neutralizes static charges, enhancing the quality and efficiency of manufacturing processes.
  • Adjustable Airflow: The nozzle allows for adjustable airflow control, enabling users to customize the output to suit specific application needs and environmental conditions.
  • Compact and Durable Design: With its robust construction and compact form factor, the IZN10-G-600-X226 is built to last and can easily be integrated into existing setups without requiring significant modifications.
  • Easy Installation and Maintenance: Designed for straightforward installation and minimal maintenance, this ionizer ensures continuous operation with little downtime.


  • Enhanced Product Quality: By effectively eliminating static, the ionizer helps prevent material contamination and damage, leading to higher product quality and reduced reject rates.
  • Increased Operational Efficiency: Reduces the incidence of static-related disruptions, such as material sticking or jamming, thereby enhancing overall operational efficiency.
  • Safety and Compliance: Improves safety in workplaces by preventing static-induced sparks or discharges, which are critical in volatile environments.
  • Cost-Effective: Minimizes maintenance and operational costs by enhancing the longevity and reliability of both the ionizer and other sensitive electronic equipment.


  • Electronics Manufacturing: Crucial for assembly lines where electronic components are sensitive to static electricity, ensuring components are free from static damage.
  • Packaging Industries: Ideal for use in packaging applications where static can lead to material misalignment or contamination during the packaging process.
  • Printing and Coating Operations: Helps maintain quality and consistency in printing and coating applications by neutralizing static that can attract dust or disrupt material alignment.
  • Pharmaceutical Production: Assists in maintaining contamination-free environments by controlling static electricity during the manufacturing and packaging of pharmaceutical products.

The SMC IZN10-G-600-X226 Long Nozzle Ionizer stands out as a superior tool in SMC’s lineup, specifically engineered to enhance productivity and safety in industries grappling with static electricity challenges.


●Slim: 16 mm (Thickness) x 100 mm (Width) x 46 mm (Height)
●Lightweight: 33% reduction 120 g → 80 g
●Offset voltage: ±10 V
●Nozzle type can be selected according to applications
Energy saving static neutralization nozzle (Short range static neutralization/Design focuses on offset voltage)
High flow rate nozzle (Long range static neutralization)

Field Value Value Details
Bar Length 600 600mm
Made To Order X226 Long Nozzle