IZN10-G-400-X216 – Bar Nozzle (Straight Type) – SMC Nozzle

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The SMC IZN10-G-400-X216 Bar Nozzle (Straight Type) is a precision-engineered ionizer designed to neutralize static electricity in various industrial applications. This product excels in performance by efficiently delivering a stream of ionized air to targeted areas, ensuring safe and static-free operations across multiple environments.

Key Features:

  • High Ionization Efficiency: Utilizes a uniquely designed bar nozzle to emit a concentrated flow of ions, effectively neutralizing static charges on objects and surfaces within its range.
  • Adjustable Nozzle Angle: Features an adjustable nozzle that can be oriented straight or at an angle, providing flexibility in targeting specific areas or objects.
  • Uniform Ion Distribution: Ensures a balanced and uniform distribution of ions, which is critical for achieving optimal static elimination across the entire targeted area.
  • Compact and Durable Design: The IZN10-G-400-X216 is built to be robust and compact, making it ideal for integration into space-constrained industrial settings without compromising on performance.
  • Easy Installation and Maintenance: Designed for straightforward mounting and minimal maintenance, this model ensures hassle-free operation and easy integration into existing systems.


  • Enhanced Product Quality and Safety: By eliminating static electricity, it helps prevent contamination and damage to electronic components, contributing to higher product quality and safety.
  • Increased Operational Efficiency: Reduces the incidence of static-related disruptions, which can lead to smoother, faster, and more efficient production processes.
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs: With its durable construction and efficient performance, the need for frequent maintenance or replacement is significantly reduced, lowering overall operational costs.
  • Improved Workplace Safety: Minimizes the risk of static shocks, which can be a hazard to workers in environments dealing with electronic and sensitive components.


  • Electronics Manufacturing: Ideal for use in the assembly and inspection stages of electronic device manufacturing, where static control is crucial.
  • Packaging Industries: Plays an essential role in packaging facilities, especially those handling materials prone to static accumulation like plastics and papers.
  • Pharmaceuticals: Useful in pharmaceutical manufacturing, where static elimination ensures the safety and integrity of sensitive products.
  • Printing and Coating Processes: Enhances quality control in printing and coating applications by preventing static-related defects.

The SMC IZN10-G-400-X216 Bar Nozzle (Straight Type) stands out as a vital tool in enhancing industrial efficiency and safety by effectively managing static electricity in diverse applications.


●Slim: 16 mm (Thickness) x 100 mm (Width) x 46 mm (Height)
●Lightweight: 33% reduction 120 g → 80 g
●Offset voltage: ±10 V
●Nozzle type can be selected according to applications
Energy saving static neutralization nozzle (Short range static neutralization/Design focuses on offset voltage)
High flow rate nozzle (Long range static neutralization)

Field Value Value Details
Bar Length 400 400mm
Made To Order X216 Bar Nozzle (Straight Type)