IZF10R-B – SMC Fan Type Ionizer Without Flow Rate Adjustment Function

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Manufacturer Part Number: IZF10R-B
OEM Spec Ref 

The SMC IZF10R-B is an advanced Fan Type Ionizer, specifically designed to enhance the quality and safety of industrial environments by effectively neutralizing static electricity. This model is tailored to meet the needs of various industrial applications without the flow rate adjustment function, ensuring a streamlined operation and consistent ion delivery.

Key Features:

  • Static Electricity Neutralization: Equipped with a potent ionizing capability, the IZF10R-B effectively eliminates static electricity, ensuring safety and preventing damage to sensitive components.
  • No Flow Rate Adjustment: Simplifies operation by maintaining a constant ion flow, which helps to standardize the neutralization process across various environments.
  • Fan Type Distribution: Utilizes a fan to distribute ions efficiently across a wide area, enhancing the effectiveness of static elimination.
  • Compact and Lightweight Design: Its compact size and low weight allow for easy installation and integration into existing setups without requiring significant space or structural changes.
  • Ease of Maintenance: Designed with minimal maintenance requirements, ensuring long-term reliability and performance without frequent service interruptions.


  • Improved Product Quality: By neutralizing static charge, it prevents contamination and defects in products, especially in electronics manufacturing and assembly.
  • Enhanced Safety: Reduces the risk of static-related incidents, ensuring a safer working environment for personnel.
  • Increased Equipment Longevity: Protects sensitive equipment from static damage, extending the lifespan of both the ionizer and surrounding devices.
  • Operational Efficiency: Streamlines the static control process, allowing for uninterrupted production flows and reduced downtime.


  • Electronics Manufacturing: Essential for assembly lines where static electricity can damage sensitive electronic components.
  • Packaging Industries: Ideal for use in packaging areas where static can attract dust or cause materials to stick and create jams or other operational issues.
  • Pharmaceuticals: Plays a critical role in environments where static control is necessary to maintain cleanliness and product integrity.
  • General Industrial Applications: Suitable for a broad range of industrial settings that require effective static control solutions.

The SMC IZF10R-B Fan Type Ionizer stands as a testament to SMC’s commitment to providing innovative and reliable solutions for managing static electricity in industrial processes, contributing to higher quality outcomes and enhanced operational safety.


●The model with flow rate adjustment function added [New] ●Thinnest/Thickness: 40 mm
●Fastest/Rapid static neutralization 0.5 seconds
●Offset voltage (Ion balance): ±5 V

Field Value Value Details
Flow Rate Adjustment Function R With Flow Rate Adjustment Function (0.19 To 0.80 m3/min)
Output Specifications NPN Output
Power Supply Cable, AC Adapter With Power Supply Cable (3 m)
Bracket B With Bracket