DSBC-32-80-C-PPVA – ISO Cylinder – Festo Piston Rod Cylinders

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Manufacturer Part Number: Festo 1463250
Festo Piston Rod Cylinders: DSBC-32-80-C-PPVA
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The Festo DSBC-32-80-C-PPVA, with MPN 1463250, is an advanced pneumatic piston rod cylinder designed to deliver superior performance in various industrial applications. This robust cylinder features a diameter of 32 mm and a stroke length of 80 mm, tailored for precise and efficient motion control.

Key Features:

  • Self-adjusting Cushioning PPS: Ensures optimal absorption of kinetic energy and reduces setup time, enhancing machine throughput.
  • ISO 15552 Standard Compliance: Guarantees compatibility and interchangeability with other standard components, making integration seamless.
  • Magnetic Piston: Suitable for position sensing, allowing for precise control and monitoring of piston movement.
  • Variable Mounting Options: Offers flexibility in installation with multiple mounting configurations to accommodate different application requirements.


  • Increased Productivity: The precise control and efficient operation of the DSBC series improve cycle times and machine output.
  • Durability and Reliability: Constructed from high-quality materials, these cylinders are designed to withstand demanding industrial environments, ensuring longevity and reducing maintenance costs.
  • Energy Efficiency: Optimized cushioning and sealing technology minimize air consumption, leading to lower operational costs.


  • Automation and Assembly Lines: Ideal for tasks requiring high precision and repeatability.
  • Material Handling: Provides reliable operation in systems designed for transporting and sorting materials.
  • Packaging Equipment: Enhances the performance of machinery used in high-speed packaging processes.

The Festo DSBC-32-80-C-PPVA stands out as a top choice for engineers seeking to optimize the efficiency and reliability of their pneumatic systems, reflecting Festo’s commitment to innovation and quality in automation technology.

Technical Data

Feature Specification
Stroke 80 mm
Piston diameter 32 mm
Piston rod thread M10x1.25
Short type code DSBC
Based on standard ISO 15552
Cushioning Pneumatic cushioning, adjustable at both ends
Mounting position Any
Piston-rod end Aussengewinde External Thread
Design Piston
Piston rod
Profile barrel
Position detection For proximity sensor
Variants Clamping unit attached
Single-ended piston rod
Mode of operation clamping unit Retracting
Loosening through compressed air
Frictional clamping via spring force
Static holding force of clamping unit 600 N
Axial backlash (clamping unit) 0.5 mm
Clamping unit release pressure 0.3 MPa
3 bar
Operating pressure (MPa) 0.150…1.200 MPa
Operating pressure (bar) 1,500…12,000 bar
Ambient temperature -10 to 80 °C
Impact energy in end positions 0.4 J
Cushioning length 0…17,000 mm
Mode of operation Double-acting
Explosion protection certification outside the EU EPL Db (GB)
Operating medium Compressed air as per ISO 8573-1:2010 [7:4:4]
Note on operating/pilot medium Lubricated operation possible (required for further use)
Corrosion resistance class KBK moderate corrosion stress – 2
LABS-Conformity VDMA24364-B1/B2-L
Theoretical force at 6 bar, return stroke 415 N
Theoretical force at 6 bar, advance stroke 483 N
Product weight 961 g
Basic weight for 0 mm stroke 745 g
Additional weight per 10 mm stroke 216 g
Moving mass 232 g
Moving mass for 0 mm stroke 160 g
Additional moving mass per 10 mm stroke 72 g
Type of mounting Alternatively:
With internal thread
“With accessories” means indirect mounting via an
intermediate element.
Pneumatic connection G1/8
Note on materials RoHS-compliant
Material cover Die-cast aluminium, coated
Materials information for spring Spring steel
Clamping unit housing material Wrought aluminium alloy, anodised
Material piston seal TPE-U (PU)
Material clamping jaws of clamping unit Brass
Piston clamping unit material POM
Material piston Wrought aluminium alloy
Material piston rod High-alloy steel
Material piston rod wiper seal TPE-U(PU)
Buffer seal material TPE-U(PU)
Cushioning piston material POM
Material cylinder barrel Wrought aluminium alloy, smooth anodised
Material nut Steel, galvanised
Materials information for bearing POM
Material collar screws Steel galvanised
Material information bellows NBR