DGST-16-30-Y12A – Mini Slide – Festo Guided Cylinders

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SKU: Festo 8085176

Manufacturer Part Number: Festo 8085176
Festo Guided Cylinders: DGST-16-30-Y12A
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The Festo DGST-16-30-Y12A Guided Cylinder, with part number 8085176, is a premier double-acting pneumatic cylinder renowned for its precision and durability. This product is a vital component in various industrial and automation applications, offering superior control and reliability.

Key Features:

  • Precise Motion Control: The DGST-16-30-Y12A features a self-adjusting shock absorber at both ends, enhancing its precision and control over motion, particularly in end positions which can be adjusted via a proximity sensor.
  • Robust Design: With a bore of 16 mm and a stroke of 30 mm, this guided cylinder is built for rigorous use. Its integrated basic cushioning and shock absorbers ensure smooth operation and minimal wear and tear.
  • High Performance: Operates effectively within a pressure range up to 8 bar and is adaptable to temperature ranges from -10 to +60°C, making it versatile across various operational environments.
  • Compact and Integrated: One of the most compact units on the market, it combines the slide and yoke into a single component, which provides exceptional torsional rigidity and unmatched precision.


  • Enhanced System Efficiency: By delivering precise control and reliability, this cylinder ensures optimal performance of pneumatic systems, enhancing overall efficiency.
  • Lower Maintenance Costs: Its durable construction and integrated features reduce the need for frequent maintenance and replacement, thereby lowering operational costs.
  • Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of industrial applications, its design allows for integration into complex machinery without significant modifications.


  • Automation Systems: Ideal for use in automated assembly lines where precise, repeatable movement is crucial.
  • Manufacturing and Processing: Essential in environments that require robust performance such as in manufacturing plants and material handling systems.
  • Testing and Inspection Equipment: Provides the accuracy needed for systems requiring precise movement during testing and inspection processes.

The Festo DGST-16-30-Y12A stands out as a high-quality component in Festo’s lineup of pneumatic solutions, offering both performance and reliability for advanced industrial applications​.

Technical Data

Feature Specification
Stroke 30 mm
Adjustable end-position range/front length 16.9 mm
Adjustable end-position range/rear length 15.5 mm
Piston diameter 16 mm
Drive unit operating mode Yoke
Cushioning External hydraulic cushioning
Mounting position Any
Guide Recirculating ball bearing guide
Structural design Twin piston
Piston rod
Position sensing For proximity sensor
Symbol 00991249
Operating pressure 0.1 MPa … 0.8 MPa
Operating pressure 1 bar … 8 bar
Operating pressure 14.5 psi … 116 psi
Max. speed 0.8 m/s
Repetition accuracy <= 0.02 mm
Mode of operation Double-acting
Operating medium Compressed air as per ISO 8573-1:2010 [7:4:4]
Information on operating and pilot media Operation with oil lubrication possible (required for further use)
Corrosion resistance class (CRC) 1 – Low corrosion stress
LABS (PWIS) conformity VDMA24364-B1/B2-L
Ambient temperature -10 °C … 60 °C
Impact energy in the end positions 2 J
Cushioning length 5 mm
Max. force Fy 860 N
Max. force Fz 860 N
Max. torque Mx 11.3 Nm
Max. torque My 7.5 Nm
Max. torque Mz 7.5 Nm
Theoretical force at 6 bar, retracting 207 N
Theoretical force at 6 bar, advancing 241 N
Moving mass 310 g
Product weight 576 g
Type of mounting With through-hole
Pneumatic connection M5
Note on materials RoHS-compliant
Cover material Wrought aluminum alloy
Seals material HNBR
Guide material POM
High-alloy steel
Housing material Wrought aluminum alloy
Piston rod material High-alloy stainless steel
Weight 0.576 kg