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CS Series – CS1W-ID / OD / IA / OA / MD / OC – Omron DC Input Units

USD $ 129.57USD $ 260.61


Omron produce basic I/O modules such as CS Series B7A interface module, DC output module, DC input module, interrupt the input module and quick response input module.

Specifications Omron DC Input Units

format specification Occupied points Current consumption (A) Overseas standard
number of inputs input voltage input power External connection 5V system 26V system
CS1W-ID211 16 points DC24V 7mA Removable terminal block 1CH 0.1 UC1,
N, L,
CS1W-ID231 32 points 6mA Connector method
(Compatible connector type C500-CE404 included:
See Table A in “Compatible Connectors” for others)
2CH 0.15
CS1W-ID261 64 points 6mA 4CH 0.15
CS1W-ID291 96 points about 5mA Connector method
(Applicable connector type CS1W-CE561 included:
See table B in “Applicable connectors” for others)
6CH 0.2 U, C,
N, L,

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