CM1-C-17L30C – Cool Muscle Corporartion

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Cool Muscle is the AC Servo System that is comibined with a driver, controller and encoder.Those are necessary devices to control servo motor. COOL MUSCLE is a precisehigh performance motor that can be controlled easily and presicely even if you don’t have a knowledge of conventional servo motor.


Motor Output [W] 18
Max. Speed [rpm] 3,000
Rated Continuous Torque [Nm](Kgfcm) 0.36 (3.7)
Peak Torque [Nm](Kgfcm) 0.518 (15.3)
Load Inertia [g㎠] 760
Motor Inertia [g㎠] 74
Encoder Incremental Magnetic Encoder
Resolution [ppr] 200~50,000

(set by parameter)

Input Supply Voltage [V] DC24±10%
Input Supply Current Rated [A] Rated Torque : 21.5

Peak Torque : 1.8

Mass [g] 480