CLR-40-10-L-P-A – Swing Clamp Cylinder – Festo Clamp Cylinders

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SKU: Festo 535454

Manufacturer Part Number: Festo 535454
Festo Clamp Cylinders : CLR-40-10-L-P-A
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The Festo CLR-40-10-L-P-A, with MPN 535454, is a high-performance Clamp Cylinder designed for precision and efficiency in automated systems. This advanced pneumatic component is tailored for robust handling and positioning tasks, making it a vital part of assembly lines and automation setups.

Key Features:

  • Precision Clamping Mechanism: The cylinder offers precise control, ensuring exact movement and secure clamping, crucial for maintaining the integrity of operations.
  • Long-Lasting Durability: Constructed with premium materials, the CLR-40-10-L-P-A is built to resist wear and endure the demanding conditions of industrial environments.
  • Compact and Lightweight Design: Its sleek configuration allows for integration into space-constrained areas, maintaining functionality without compromising performance.
  • Automated Control Compatibility: Designed to work seamlessly with automated control systems, enhancing operational coherence and productivity.


  • Enhanced Operational Accuracy: With its precise clamping ability, it significantly improves the accuracy of assembly and handling processes.
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs: The durable construction minimizes the need for frequent maintenance, reducing operational costs over time.
  • Improved Production Throughput: Efficient operation and quick response times lead to higher productivity and throughput in manufacturing processes.
  • Safety in Operations: Ensures safe handling of components, protecting machinery and operators from potential damage and accidents.


  • Assembly Lines: Essential for robotic and manual assembly lines where precision clamping is necessary to handle delicate or sturdy components.
  • Automation Systems: Fits seamlessly into sophisticated automation setups, providing reliable performance under automated control.
  • Material Handling: Ideal for applications that require the secure handling and positioning of materials during the production process.
  • Manufacturing Automation: Plays a pivotal role in manufacturing sectors that leverage automation for enhanced productivity and efficiency.

The Festo CLR-40-10-L-P-A Clamp Cylinder is a testament to Festo’s commitment to innovation and quality in the field of pneumatic systems, offering a reliable and efficient solution tailored for modern industrial applications.

Weight 0.880 kg