BJX1M-DDT Compact Long Distance Photoelectric Sensors – Autonics Sensors

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Autonics Sensors


  • Sensing type : Diffuse reflective type
  • Sensing distance : 1m
  • Sensing target : Opaque, Translucent material
  • Light source : Red LED(660nm)
  • Response time : Max. 1ms


Data sheet 

Sensing typeDiffuse reflective type
Sensing distance1m
Sensing targetOpaque, Translucent material
Light sourceRed LED(660nm)
Response timeMax. 1ms
Power supply10-30VDC  ±10%(ripple P-P: max. 10%)
Current consumptionMax. 30mA
Sensitivity adjustmentSensitivity adjuster
Operation modeLight ON/Dark ON(set by switch)
Control outputNPN open collector
Connection typeØ4mm, 3-wire, 2m (emitter of through-beam type: Ø4mm, 2-wire, 2m)
(AWG26, core diameter: 0.52mm, number of cores: 20, insulator out diameter: Ø1mm)
Environment_Ambient illuminationSunlight: Max. 11,000lx, Incandescent lamp: Max. 3,000lx (received illumination)
Environment_Ambient temperature-25 to 60℃, storage: -40 to 70℃
Protection structureIP65(IEC standard)
Environment_Ambient humidity35 to 85% RH, storage: 35 to 85% RH
Hysteresis(distance)Max. 20% of sensing distance
MaterialㆍCase: polycarbonate
ㆍLED CAP: polycarbonate
ㆍLens, Lens cover: polymethyl methacrylate
Accessories_CommonMounting bracket, M3 bolt: 2, adjustment screwdriver
WeightApprox. 100g(approx. 50g)






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