IDS Camera: Simplicity means efficiency

Simplicity is the basis of “IDS Cameras” thinking and actions: In line with our top philosophy “It’s so easy”, this applies to our perfectly compatible cameras as well as to our ingeniously thought-out software. IDS imaging  solutions system developing since 1997.

IDS  Camera are consistently adapt key future technologies from the consumer world to make them suitable for industrial use: Our Famous made the USB interface camera are industry-compatible. Beside these our latest innovation is the visionary product platform IDS NXT with artificial intelligence – a new generation of vision systems for industrial applications.

IDS have total of three different camera product lines enable a limitless application spectrum in equipment, plant, and mechanical engineering. Furthermore in non-industrial areas such as medical technology, agriculture or logistics.

IDS cameras are used in almost all kind of applications. Thus our cameras can be found in equipment, plant, and mechanical engineering in sectors including the automotive, packaging, and printing industry. Beside that in food technology, beside that our industrial grade cameras from IDS also provide the indispensable eyes for robotics systems, medical technology, traffic monitoring, security, kiosk systems, and logistics.

IDS imaging system integrated with top 5 sensors in the market: Sony STARVIS IMX sensor, Aptina sensor, ON Semi sensor, CMOSIS sensor, e2v sensor, OmniVision sensor to provide wide range to applications.

IDS uEye CP camera’s family stands for “Compact Power”

  • extensive pixel pre-processing with internal 120 MB image memory.
  • innovative and patented housing design with dimensions of only 29 x 29 x 29 millimetres.
  • Full GigE transmission rate and Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) functionality.
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IDS uEye SE (“Standard Edition”) is the all-round industrial camera with a broad sensor portfolio and countless variants

  • housing variant with a special, extremely dust-tight sensor seal.
  • make optimum use of the USB 3.1 Gen 1 interface.
  • integrated pixel pre-processing reduces the load on the host PC.
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uEye LE cameras are cost-saving cameras with a wide variety of lenses and sensors.

  • lightweight, coated plastic housing and particularly cost-effective.
  • small dimensions of 47 x 46 x 26.3 millimetres.
  • C/CS mount lenses available. M12 S-Mount lens for board level cameras.
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uEye FA is particularly strong & robust.

  • protection class IP65/67
  • Power-over-Ethernet (PoE)
  • suitable for multi-camera operation
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uEye ML is the perfect camera for all space critical applications.

  • weighing in at only 41 g and size of 47 x 46 x 28 mm
  • C/CS lens mount allows for a great selection of lenses
  • 2 GPIOs, opto-decoupled trigger and flash
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uEye XS camera is one of the smallest in the vision market

  • tiny body dimensions of 26.5 x 23 x 21.5 millimetres & 12 grams
  • image formats from VGA to 5 MP are available
  • for video streaming with 720p (HD-ready) or 1080p (Full HD)
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3D VISION AND ROBOT VISION is the future. Thus many applications in robotics and automated serial production can only be satisfactorily as the implemented using three-dimensional data. In addition the assembly processes such as bonding and welding, and to the notoriously tricky process of bin picking requirements. The Ensenso 3D cameras from IDS represents a solution for 3D image capture that is impressively precise, cost-efficient and fast.
Ensenso N, X and XR cameras supported by a powerful projector, furthermore high-contrast textures are projected onto the object to be imaged, creating for more detailed 3D point clouds even at long distances.
The Ensenso S series which is cost-efficient and more compact camera design. This allows the advantages of three-dimensional object information to finally be used in price-sensitive, high-volume projects, where the highest accuracy of Ensenso Stereo Vision models is often not required. Find out some bin picking information here…

uEye Application for sport golf training.

One of the famous uEye cameras sport application was the golf player development programs. The cameras was integrated with the market most well know brand TrackMan systems.

TrackMan gives you access to the most progressive and sophisticated performance-enhancing software in the industry. The world’s leading coaches and players are daily users and their insights and recommendations help us to constantly improve our suite of player development programs.

The TrackMan Performance with Studio gives the sharpest, cleanest experience possible. For indoor and outdoor, analyze your swing for perfect fitting, with practice on some of the great courses. The best are games to take your to the pick. Calibration here…