SIMATIC S7-1200 – Digital Input SM 1226 – Siemens Fail-Safe I/O Modules


SKU: 6ES7226-6BA32-0XB0

The fail-safe modules of the SIMATIC S7-1200 Controller permit the implementation of safety-related application requirements integrated into the overall automation. The safety functions required for fail-safe operation are integrated in the modules. Communication with the fail-safe SIMATIC S7 CPUs is performed by means of PROFIsafe mechanisms. The modules can only be operated in central configurations

Siemens Fail-safe Modules S7-1200 Product Specifications:

Article number6ES7226-6BA32-0XB0
Digital Input SM 1226, F-DI 16x 24VDC
General information
Product type designationSM 1226, F-DI 16×24 V DC
Supply voltage
Rated value (DC)24 V
permissible range, lower limit (DC)20.4 V
permissible range, upper limit (DC)28.8 V
power supply according to NEC Class 2 requiredNo
Input current
from backplane bus 5 V DC, max.155 mA; Current consumption (SM Bus, 5 V DC): 155 mA
Digital inputs
● from load voltage L+ (without load), max.130 mA; 130 mA + 6 mA / input used + any Vs1/Vs2 current used
Power loss
Power loss, typ.7 W
Digital inputs
Number of digital inputs16; 16 (1oo1) or 8 (1oo2); Note: You can individually assign each pair of inputs “a.x” and “b.x” as a single (1oo2)-channel or as 2 separate (1oo1)-channels
Number of simultaneously controllable inputs
horizontal installation
— up to 50 °C, max.16; 16 inputs at 55 °C horizontal
vertical installation
— up to 40 °C, max.16; 16 inputs at 45 °C vertical
Input voltage
● for signal “0”-30 V DC to +5 V DC
● for signal “1”15 V DC to 30 V DC
Input current
● for signal “0”, max. (permissible quiescent current)0.5 mA
● for signal “1”, typ.5 mA
Input delay (for rated value of input voltage)
for standard inputs
— parameterizableYes; 0.8 / 1.6 / 3.2 / 6.4 / 12.8 ms
Cable length
● shielded, max.200 m; unshielded with input filter time of 1.6 ms to 12.6 ms (With an input delay of 0.8 ms, shielded cables must be used for the digital inputs and the sensor supply)
● unshielded, max.200 m; Shielded with input filter time of 0.8 ms to 12.6 s (With an input delay of 0.8 ms, shielded cables must be used for the digital inputs and the sensor supply)
Interrupts/diagnostics/status information
Diagnostics indication LED
● for status of the inputsYes
Degree and class of protection
IP degree of protectionIP20
Standards, approvals, certificates
CE markYes
FM approvalYes
Highest safety class achievable in safety mode
● Performance level according to ISO 13849-11-channel, Category 3, PL d; 2-channel, Category 3 or 4, PL e
● SIL acc. to IEC 61508SIL 2 (single-channel), SIL 3 (two-channel)
Probability of failure (for service life of 20 years and repair time of 100 hours)
— Low demand mode: PFDavg in accordance with SIL2< 5.00E-04
— Low demand mode: PFDavg in accordance with SIL3< 1.00E-05
— High demand/continuous mode: PFH in accordance with SIL2< 1.00E-08 1/h
— High demand/continuous mode: PFH in accordance with SIL3< 1.00E-10 1/h
Ambient conditions
Free fall
● Fall height, max.0.3 m; five times, in product package
Ambient temperature during operation
● min.0 °C
● max.55 °C
● permissible temperature change5°C to 55°C, 3°C / minute
Ambient temperature during storage/transportation
● min.-40 °C
● max.70 °C
Air pressure acc. to IEC 60068-2-13
● Storage/transport, min.660 hPa
● Storage/transport, max.1 080 hPa
Relative humidity
● Operation at 25 ℃ without condensation, max.95 %
Enclosure material (front)
● PlasticYes
Width70 mm
Height100 mm
Depth75 mm
Weight, approx.250 g
Weight0.256 kg
Dimensions8.8 × 10.8 × 8.5 cm


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