IZN10E-01P06Z – SMC Nozzle Type Ionizer

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The SMC IZN10E-01P06Z Nozzle Type Ionizer is a sophisticated solution designed to neutralize static electricity in various industrial applications. This innovative device optimizes safety and operational efficiency by effectively controlling static charges, making it an essential tool in precision industries where static control is critical.

Key Features:

  • Advanced Ionization Technology: Utilizes a unique nozzle-type ionization to deliver targeted static neutralization, ensuring swift and effective reduction of static charges across surfaces and components.
  • Compact and Flexible Design: Engineered to be small and versatile, it can be easily integrated into confined spaces and existing setups without disrupting the workflow.
  • User-Friendly Operation: Features an intuitive control system that allows for easy adjustments of ion balance and airflow, making it simple to adapt to various operational needs.
  • High-Speed Discharge: Offers a rapid discharge time, which is crucial for maintaining pace in fast-moving production environments where static electricity can be a persistent challenge.
  • Low Maintenance Needs: Designed for durability and minimal maintenance, ensuring reliable performance with reduced downtime and upkeep costs.


  • Improved Product Quality: By eliminating static electricity, it helps in reducing particle attachment and defects in products, leading to higher quality outputs.
  • Enhanced Worker Safety: Reduces the risk of static shocks to personnel, thereby enhancing the working environment and adhering to safety standards.
  • Increased Operational Efficiency: The efficient management of static electricity prevents equipment malfunctions and production errors, optimizing operational flow and productivity.
  • Energy Efficient: Operates with minimal energy consumption, contributing to lower operational costs while maintaining high performance.


  • Electronics Manufacturing: Crucial for assembly lines in electronics manufacturing where static control is essential to protect sensitive components.
  • Packaging Industries: Ideal for use in packaging processes where static can lead to material sticking or attraction of dust and particles.
  • Pharmaceuticals: Ensures a static-free environment in the production and packaging of pharmaceutical goods to maintain hygiene and product integrity.
  • Printing and Plastics: Used extensively in the printing and plastics industries to prevent static-induced errors and ensure smooth production processes.

The SMC IZN10E-01P06Z Nozzle Type Ionizer is a testament to SMC’s commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions for managing static electricity in critical industrial environments, ensuring both safety and efficiency in high-demand applications.


●Slim: 16 mm (Thickness) x 100 mm (Width) x 46 mm (Height)
●Lightweight: 33% reduction 120 g → 80 g
●Offset voltage: ±10 V
●Nozzle type can be selected according to applications
Energy saving static neutralization nozzle (Short range static neutralization/Design focuses on offset voltage)
High flow rate nozzle (Long range static neutralization)

Field Value Value Details
Nozzle Type 01 Energy Saving Static Neutralization Nozzle
Input/Output Specifications P PNP Input/Output
Port Size 06 Φ6: Metric Size
Power Supply Cable Z With Power Supply Cable 10m
Bracket Without Bracket
Made To Order Standard